Wedding Timeline

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Eighteen to Twelve Months Before Wedding
Things to Do
Get engaged ( The first necessary step)
Set wedding date.
Book Wedding Ceremony site
Book Wedding Reception site
Book Wedding Photographer
Book Wedding Videographer
Set a wedding budget.
Determine wedding ceremony and wedding reception style.
Select the wedding party (don't forget the flower girl and ring bearer).
Interview wedding caterers. Request wedding information packages. These wedding packages should include menus, price lists, any services available. Inquire about wedding package arrangements
Select the color scheme of the wedding.
Select the color and style of the wedding party attire.
Check passport (Visa) and birth certificate. Order new ones if necessary for honeymoon and marriage license.
Determine number of guests to be invited to wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
Begin development of wedding guest list with your respective families. Since there will always be some form of wedding guest limitations at some point, have every wedding guest on the list marked in the following manner:
Wedding guests who MUST be invited.
Wedding guests who SHOULD be invited.
Wedding guests that WOULD BE nice to invite.

Twelve to Six Months Before the Wedding
Things to Do
Choose wedding caterer and finalize wedding reception arrangements. NOTE: It is imperative to check any cancellation clauses before you commit to anything.
Meet with officiating authority to discuss wedding ceremony arrangements (don't forget to review wedding vows, wedding music and any special requests).
Select rental shop for groom and groomsman attire.
Order bridesmaid's dresses, shoes and accessories (don't forget the flower girl).
Schedule fitting and delivery dates for all wedding attire.
Purchase shoes and accessories for wedding attire (don't forget to break in shoes).
Interview and book wedding florists.
Choose style and type of floral arraignment.
Wedding register for china, crystal, silver patterns and other household accessories.
Reserve bridal suite for wedding night.
Plan your honeymoon.
Interview and select DJ or band for wedding reception.
Interview and select wedding ceremony musicians.

Six to Three Months Before the Wedding
Things to Do
Finalize wedding guest list.
Order wedding stationary, wedding invitations announcemen ts, thank you notes, wedding programs, wedding seating cards and any other printed items.
Hire calligrapher and have invitations address (or address yourself).
Order wedding rings and any special engravings
Alert both mothers regarding color scheme and style of bridesmaids apparel.
Finalize wedding ceremony arrangements with officiating authority.
Finalize wedding catering arraignments.
Interview bakeries for wedding cake.
Reserve any of required rental items for wedding reception and/ or wedding ceremony.
Schedule rehearsal dinner.
Book all miscellaneous services (valet parking, etc.).
Purchase wedding gifts for each other.
Select gifts for the bridal party.
If your wedding is at home, make a list of any repairs, etc. which may need to be completed and schedule to have them done.

Two Months Before the Wedding
Things to Do
Mail invitations for wedding.
Order wedding cake.
Order party favors, room decorations.
Purchase anything which you may need for honeymoon (clothes, etc.).
Hire Limousine service and/ or arrange transportation for bride, groom and wedding party as well as select family members to and from reception.
Complete all final fittings.
Choose master of ceremonies.
Choose music for wedding ceremony.
Choose music for wedding reception.
Finalize wedding menu plans.
Keep a detailed list of all wedding guests who RSVP. You may wish to also record wedding gifts received and write thank you notes as they arrive.
Open new bank accounts.
Get marriage license.
Make medical and dental appointments. Don't forget the blood test and health certificate.
Have formal wedding photo taken.
Send wedding photo and announcemen t to newspaper.
Select wedding guest book attendant.
Choose where and when wedding guests should sign in.
Mail rehearsal dinner invitations and notify wedding party of rehearsal dinner.
Plan a bridesmaid lunch or dinner.
Confirm all wedding arrangements (cost, delivery, etc.) with the following:
Wedding caterer
Wedding bakery
Wedding photographer
Wedding videographer
wedding apparel shops/ seamstress
Wedding florist
Wedding music
officiating authority
printer for stationary,ann ouncements cards, etc.

One Month Before Before the Wedding
Things to Do
Finalize honeymoon arraignments.
Make sure you have all honeymoon clothing and accessories and that it is ready to be packed (dry cleaned if necessary).
Check your luggage to make sure it is good.
Arrange to display wedding gifts.
Take out a floater insurance policy for all your wedding gifts.
Address wedding announcemen t for those not invited to the wedding.
Arrange for location for wedding party to dress.
Arrange seating for bridal and parents table- make place cards.
Purchase any special decorative items needed (i.e. candles, doilies, etc.).
Write a detailed schedule of the wedding day events for your wedding party and service providers.
If you have a receiving line, decide when and where the line will be formed.
Follow up with any wedding guests who have not sent in reservations.
Pick up wedding rings. Make sure they fit.
Meet with wedding photographer to discuss any special photos which need to be taken.
Meet with Wedding Videographer to instruct regarding any events or people that should be videotaped.
Meet with DJ or wedding band to arrangements for both the ceremony and reception.
Determine wedding ceremony seating.
Discuss wedding ceremony seating with ushers.
Arrange wedding reception seating- write out reception place cards.

One to Two Weeks Before Before the Wedding
Things to Do
Confirm final honeymoon arrangements.
Pack for your honeymoon.
Finalize all wedding arrangements and services.
Confirm all wedding transportation arrangements.
Confirm lodging arrangements for bridal party.
Confirm bridal suite.
Confirm flower order with wedding florist.
Confirm with wedding caterer final number of wedding guests.
Pick up and wrap any gifts for bridal party, etc.
Have wedding rehearsal and dinner.
Have special lunch\ dinner for wedding party.
Make list of wedding ensemble.
Arrange refreshments for bridal party while they are getting dressed.
Pick up wedding apparel and make sure it fits.
Arrange transportation for "getaway car" after wedding ceremony and wedding reception.
Review days events with service providers and bridal groups.
Arrange for post office to forward mail while you are on your honeymoon.

Rehearsal Day
Things to Do
Put suitcases in car.
Give best man checks for officiating authority.
Choose someone to be responsible to bring accessories to wedding ceremony, including ring pillow, flower basket, guest book and pen, toasting glasses, cake cutting knife, etc.
Choose someone to return all rental items (cake pillars, tuxedos, etc.).
Review wedding ceremony setting with ushers and wedding party.
Review wedding schedule of events with wedding party.
Have rehearsal dinner
Make sure wedding tuxedo's are picked up Friday before wedding.
Wedding Day
Things to Do
Give the grooms ring to the maid of honor.
Get the brides ring to the best man.
Make sure wedding announcemen ts are mailed to local papers.


Things to Do
Arrange for any pick ups for items which will not be delivered.
Eat breakfast ( this is a must!)
Go to hair dressers (be done three hours before wedding, longer depending on drive)
Apply make up (professionall y highly recommende d, be done two hours before wedding).

Two Hours Before

Things to Do
Dress (be careful with your hair and makeup!)
Have wedding party arrive at house or meet you at hotel to dress and help with last minute details.
Wedding photographer /videographer will arrive if shots are being done at site other than wedding ceremony.

One Hour Before

Things to Do
Wedding photographer /vidographer will want to photograph Groom, Groomsmen, Family, and then Bride, Attendants, Family.
Ushers should arrive 45 minutes before wedding ceremony begins.

1/2 Hour Before

Things to Do
Introductory wedding music begins (string quartets & harps are always nice).
Ushers start to seat wedding guests (groom guests on right, brides guests on left).
Best man confirms last minute arrangements with officiating authority (Payments him and presents him with Marriage license).
Officiating authority provides any last minute instructions to groom and ushers.

15 Minutes Before

Things to Do
Family members and special wedding guests are escorted to marked pews at the front (make sure they are blocked off so you don't have to ask guests to move!).

5 Minutes Before

Things to Do
Grooms Mother and Father are escorted to their seats Mother first, Father second. Make sure wedding photographer is ready.
Brides Mother is the last person to be escorted to her seat (front left seat).
White carpet/ aisle runner is rolled down aisle. (Not recommende d by most wedding photographer s)
Brides Father takes his place with the bride.
Bridal party is lined up in preparation for entrance.


Things to Do
Officiating authority takes his place up front.
Groom enters accompanied by best man.
Processional wedding music begins.
Have a Great Wedding!!!!! !


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