Travel Talk



Eternal Father strong to save, You know well the paths I travel, for You have worn them all before me.  So be now my Good Guardian, my Constant Companion,  my Genial Guide.

Be now my strength and help, that I may soar on wings like eagles, that I may run and not get weary, that I may walk and not get weak.

Make happy my days and carefree my nights.  Make fun my tours and safe my flights.  And keep all whom I love by Thy strong might.

Knowing that those in company with You safely arrive their destination,   I pray You to be with me on every road I travel, and  safely bring me home at journey’s  end. 

May God in His wisdom and infinte love smile upon me from heaven above.   May God shower upon me protection, happiness, and peace.  And may all of my blessings forever increase. Amen.






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