Pep Talk



How fascinating the ocean! By its mystery, majesty, and moods... its calm and fury...its loveliness at sunset...its ever changing tides...oh how wholly it charms us! 

Consider the tides of the frea. Have you watched them ever?  Have you noticed how a high tide follows every low tide?  There is a reliable rhythm to the sea.  Likewise there is a reliable rhythm to our lives.

How vividly we see this in the life of David the Psalmist.  Hear him  at  a low  tide  of  his spirit:  “My burden is too heavy to bear. I am about to fall.  The light has gone from my eyes.” But listen again as a following rising tide buoys him:  “I waited patiently for the Lord. He lifted me up...and made me secure. He gave me a new song to sing.”

What a wonderful lesson to learn! That even as the tides of the ocean dependably change, so do the tides of life...the tides of the spirit.  Are you now experiencing a low tide of personal loss? grief? anger? emptiness?  lonliness? pain?    A dark night of the soul that threatens  to crush you? Then be patient! Be prayerful!  Be hopeful! Believe the ocean’s promise...and God’s. A high and rising tide is on its way! 




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