Healing Talk



Heavenly Father, I call upon You now asking for your special help.  It was through your power that I was created. Every morning I wake, every breath I take, every moment of every hour is mine by your grace and power.   Father, I ask that with that same grace and power You will now touch me.  Surely if you created me in the beginning,  you can re-create me now.   Fill me with the healing power of your Spirit.  Cast out from within me everything unwholesome, anything at all that should not be there.  Mend what is broken.   Destroy harmful, illness- causing cells.   Open blocked arteries and veins. Repair those parts of me that are damaged.   Treat all infection and inflammation.  Let now the warmth of your healing love pass through my body, renewing and strengthening me throughout, that I may once again function as you intend. Restore me to full health in body, mind,  and spirit that for the rest of my life I may faithfully  and   fully   serve you,     and those I love.   This I ask in faith and with thanksgiving in the strong and loving name of the Great Physician, even Jesus Christ my Lord.







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