We do not grieve as others do, for we are a people of hope, the Apostle Paul reminds us. And we are people of hope, he continues, because of what we believe. So what do we believe?

We believe that by the sequence of God’s seasons the wintertime of death is faithfully followed by the springtime of life. We believe that He who unfailingly awakens nature from her winter’s sleep, awakens us from our final sleep.

We believe that death cannot touch us here, dead though the house of us may appear. For we are deathless, endless, changeless, promises the Eternal.  We, the spirit of us, the essence of us, abides forever.

We believe that in  the falling of our tears God’s love has traced a rainbow in the promise of Jesus Christ:  “I am the resurrection and the life...he who believe in me never dies.”

We believe that love divine has made the gates of death unroll.   Forever free is now our soul. Softly He calls for us to rise and follow fast. The path that starts in darkness ends in light at last.

We believe that when the summons came, our beloved’s soul obeyed. We believe short was the road,  quick was the flight,    they closed their eyes, they  woke with God.

We believed that upon crossing the threshhold of paradise they were greeted by the  Lord  Jesus   Christ, who is the welcome and the door of every faithful one.  And that seeing Him, they were filled with joy. We believe they thrilled to these words of commendation:   “Well done thou good and faithful servant.  You fought a good fight, you ran a good race, you kept the faith. Receive now your eternal reward, your crown of righteousness.”

So until we meet again, this prayer we breathe: “Angels of the Lord, come to meet my beloved.  Escort them to the Father’s house and to that room prepared for them by Jesus.  May choirs of angels sing them to their rest. And may the light of your love shine upon them forever.”


A “thank you” note from Bonnie McGowan following the funeral for her father:

Dear David,

Thank you so much for the beautiful service you provided for my father....So many people commented on how special and personal it was, as if you had personally known him for a long time. I left the service with a feeling of happiness and peace and it has remained with me ever since.  God surely gave you a unique talent and gift.

May God bless you always.


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