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It appeared to be accidental. For Ruth one morning as she passed this field, noticed the harvesters at work. Remembering that her kitchen cupboard was nearly bare, she fell in behind the men, and gathered in her shawl the barley they left behind. She was later surprised to discover that the field belonged to Boaz, a kinsman. They met, they courted, they married.

After centuries had run their course, there sprang from their union of love and faith, Jesus, son of Mary, Son of God. From a field lightly chosen, to progenitor of the world’s Savior!    Accidental?   Her choosing that field, that morning?  Hardly!  For in the life of faith there are no accidents.    How often we attribute an experience to accident or luck or chance.  Yet if we are committed to a walk of faith, we’ll discover that the “accidental” experience, in the long view,  has issued from our covenantal relationship with God.  It has been an ordered event, not a random one.

Ruth’s experience that morning...choosing a field in which to a wonderful illustration of the truth that God always and surely guides those who are actuated by faith.  His hand is at work in all things.  Nothing in our life escapes His governance.

So trust. Ever venture in faith. Be confident that your path will be safe and sure. For nothing  is random.  All is intended.  In God’s orchestration, “accidentals” beautifully harmonize with the  music of faith.





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