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Moses’ choice of Rephidim as a campsite was one of his worst mistakes.  Up until now he had performed brilliantly! He successfully negotiated Israel’s deliverance from Egypt.  He divided the Red Sea and led the people safely through. And being the seasoned tour guide that he was, led the Children of Israel to some wonderful camp sites as they zigzagged their way toward the Promised Land. But why Camp Rephidim?   Had Moses not read the map?  Taken a wrong turn? Been given bad directions?   For there was no water there! Twelve springs at Camp Elim. But none at Camp Rephidim! The thirsty Hebrews were about to stone Moses to death when he fell on his knees and cried, “Oh God, what should I do?”  God replied, “See Rock Horeb over there?  Take your stick, strike it, and water will come out.”   Moses did as he was told, water came gushing out, and the Israelites had water galore.

So how is Moses measured? How is he remembered?  By the testimony of his worst hour, or by his best? By Camp Rephidim or Rock Horeb? His final epitaph tells all: “There has never been a greater prophet than Moses. He performed amazing miracles that have never been equaled.”

Thus revealed here is one of life’s great secrets. Believe in your best hours, not your worst. Identify with your stronger self, not your weaker. Measure yourself by your finest performance, not your frailest. When crises comes, recall your finest hours that defined you truly.  And when you are asked to rise, ask God for help. For then, like Moses, your height will touch the sky.




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