Who's he ?

Pastor David is the Chaplain for Army and Navy Academy in Carlsbad (a military boarding school for 350 boys middle school through high school), Mortuary Chaplain, Bereavement Support Ministries, and Wedding Chaplain.

A United States Navy Chaplain retired, he has served in the uniform of the United States Navy in war and in peace, foreign shore and home shore,  as  enlisted and as officer; as signalman and as chaplain; on destroyers and on carriers;  in rugged Marine Corps’ field chapels and in the Navy’s Cathedral on the Annapolis campus of the United States Naval Academy.

He schooled at the University of California, Berkeley campus; Fuller Theological Seminary, Hoover Institute; and  Harvard.  He was born in Pasadena, California;  he and Gwen share the love of 7 children and 8 grandchildren;  they live in Vista, in San Diego’s North County.

Personal Information

David Plank
1010 Valley Crest Drive
Vista, CA 92084
E-mail: pastordavid@pastordavid.com

Phone: 760-727-1555
Fax: 760-599-0900


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